Free shipping 2023 Newest Ice Platinum XL diode laser 755 808 1064nm/808nm Portable diode laser hair removal machine price

  • 300639.57 ~ 355300.96 Da
  • 2200 ~ 2600 $
  • 2075.75 ~ 2453.15 €

Min order : 1 Ampere

Supplying Ability : 100 Ampere / day

Packaging : Alluminum Box

WHatsApp me get good price: Working Theory: This system uses a special laser with a long pulse width of 808nm that can penetrate hair follicles. Using selective light absorption theory, melanin can preferentially absorb laser light. Then heat the hair shaft and hair follicle to destroy the hair follicle. And the oxygen tissue surrounding the hair follicle. When laser output, the system has special cooling technology, cool the skin, protect the skin from damage, and achieve a very safe and comfortable state treatment. At the same time, the machine comes with skin rejuvenation function.

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