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MMO Titanium Anode Product Name: Titanium Anode Base Material: Gr1  Gr2 Coating: Ruthenium-Iridium oxide coating, Ruthenium-Titanium coating;  PT/IR/Ru Coated Titanium Anode/Mmo Coating Titanium Sheets Anode/Electrode Dsa Size: Thickness ≥ 1.5mm, width ≤ 1200mm, length ≤ 6000mm  Tray Size: 20*960*960mmTitanium Mesh Size: 1.5*887*887mm Baffles: Gr2 Ti Plate Thickness 2.0mm  Custom-made size available Shapes: Sheet, Plate, Round, Tube, Mesh, Titanium Basket for Electroplating/ Ti Basket; Customized Shapes Status: Annealed Application: Papermaking, Food, Construction, Ocean, Aerospace, Aviation, Electronics,  Metallurgy, Pharmacy, Salt, Chemical, Petroleum Active coating titanium anodes (DSA) Firmakes Titanium could make different sizes and shapes according to designed drawing by clients, so as to obtain the best effects. Titanium anode coating, which consists of mixed metal oxide (MMO), such as RuO2 (Ruthenium)--the RuO2 coating thickness ≥ 10um, IrO2 (Iridium)--the IrO2 coating thickness ≥10um, TiO2,Ta2O5 (Tantalum), Pt (Platinium)--0.5-5 micron, PbO2--the PbO2 coating thickness 0.6-1mm, can distinctly reduce cell voltage during the electrolysis of chlorine evolution, oxygen evolution and have remarkable energy-saving effect and longer lifetime. The substrate is GR1 or GR2 titanium material, which can be reused and re-costed. Titanium anode is also called as DSA or insoluble titanium anode due to its dimension stability and high corrosion resistivity. With such advantages, titanium anode won't pollute electrolysis system and increase final products purity, reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment.  DSA Titanium Anode Application Fields: Copper recovery in etching liquid, electrodialysis industry, MMO cathodic protection, sewage treatment, swimming pool disinfection, electrolysis, sodium hypochlorite generator, chlor-alkali industry, water heater anticorrosion, lonized water electrolysis, electroplating, hydrometallurgy.  DSA Titanium Anode Available Shapes: sheet, wire, mesh,tube, ring, strip, mesh basket, etc. Titanium Anode used for Chlor-Alkali Industry

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